Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mallorca Property energy certificate information

What does the energy certificate mean??
With properties obtaining a value of 'A', It is possible to consume up to 85% less energy than a property with a value of 'G",Therefore a value of "A" on a property,over a value of "G" should increase its market value significantly,The rating also indicates the owner or builders of a property are aware and environmentally conscious of the use of modern techniques and materials to achieve a high rating, (this not always possible with older town house and fincas)

From 1st of June 2013 an Energy Certificate will be required for any property,If selling or (renting for 4 months or more).
From June 1, 2013, all estate agents must advertise the energy certification of properties or rentals,On all websites, window advertising and printed media.
The certificate must also include the energy rating of the property, including information on the energy characteristics of buildings,also a document of recommendations for improving of optimal levels of energy
efficiency of the building.
The certificates must be signed by engineers who are in possession of the relevant professional qualifications
Failing to comply with this law can incur fines of up to 3000€ for non compliance of consumer

Once the certificate has been issued regardless of its rating, the document shall be valid for 10 years, after
which they will be renewed to reflect the possible improvements that have been done to the property, (insulation,double glazing,etc)

Please contact us to point you in the right direction, if you are not sure of the process.

Apartments up to 100 sq.m.                                    235€

Apartments up to 150 sq.m.                                    285 €

Apartments of more than 150 sq.m.                       335€

Houses up to 200 sq.m.                                            405€

Houses up to 400 sq.m.                                            505€

Houses of more than 400 sq.m.                               consult
Prices exclude 21% IVA

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